Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Stars, Moon, and Loons

Just some shots from the long weekend up in the Kirkland Lake, Ontario area....enjoy


  1. Great shot of that Loon....I can't wait to get down to Oak Lake at the end of June for my Loon shoot!!!!!Wow wish I had a 500mm....I looked into renting one but the largest they had was a 300mm.....I have one of those extenders....I think it's a 3x....maybe it might help on my was Canon????was she in the water?????

  2. What camera do you use? and Canon was great. she had a blast! She didn't go swimming but she was playing in the water quite a bit. She only went in deep enough where she was still able to touch bottom

  3. I had my Nikon D5000, with a 55x200 and my kit lens 18x55....also my new micro 85mm, but used that mostly on land for florals and critters...have you used extenders before?....would they help with my 200mm???? My friend had a Sigma 300mmx500mm on her Canon....Wow huge lens and heavy but she sure got better shots....