Saturday, January 16, 2010

Woodpecker, Yellowlegs, and a Heron

With the convenience of the sun showing up on a weekend, I took full advantage of it and got out to take some photos. Before I get too into this blog, here is a shot of the sunrise in Ladner, BC.

1/350 @ f/4.5, 100mm, ISO 250

My goal of the morning was to get some decently lit waterfowl flight shots. It was dead calm today and the birds just weren't flying so I took some typical "behavioral" shots. Here are a few.

1/1000 @ f/5.6, 400mm, ISO 800

1/500 @ f/5.6, 400mm, ISO 640

1/1000 @ f/5.6, 260mm, ISO 640

1/750 @ f/5.6, 400mm, ISO 640

1/1500 @ f/5.6, 400mm, ISO 800

After about 2 hours of not having much luck with flight shots, I decided to pack it in. As I was putting my camera in my bag, I noticed 3 other photographers all pointing their cameras in a similar direction. So I took out my camera again and pointed it towards where they were to see what they were shooting. They were photographing a Pileated Woodpecker and since I don't have any photos of them, I figured I may as well grab a few while the opportunity was there. Here's the catch though, the woodpecker was located across the pond I was at so I needed the bird to hang around for at least 5 minutes to give me enough time to walk around to it. 5 minutes doesn't seem like a long time, but think about how long a bird typically sits in one place... 5-10 seconds maybe? The odds were against me but sure enough the woodpecker was in the same place. Here are a couple shots of it.

1/3000 @ f/5.6, 400mm, ISO 500

1/4000 @ f/5.6, 400mm, ISO 500

1/4000 @ f/5.6, 400mm, ISO 500

Since I was already in Ladner, Tsawwassen wasn't too far out of the way so I headed there next. I've wanted some photos of a Heron fishing for a while now and Boundary Bay has a pretty healthy population of them. They like to feed on small fish in the shallows at high tide so that's where I headed. After a bit of a hike along the beach, I found the Heron I was looking for. Unfortunately it was in no rush to eat. I waited 30 minutes for this bird to finally start moving and it was another 15 minutes after that when it finally took a stab at getting a meal. It only made one attempt at eating while I was watching it and thankfully I got it on camera...

1/2000 @ f/5.6, 360mm, ISO 400

1/2000 @ f/5.6, 250mm, ISO 400

Luckily there were other birds to photograph to help pass the time while waiting for the Heron to fish. Here are a few shots of some Greater Yellowlegs.

1/4000 @ f/5.6, 400mm, ISO 500

1/4000 @ f/5.6, 400mm, ISO 500

1/3000 @ f/5.6, 400mm, ISO 400

1/3000 @ f/5.6, 400mm, ISO 400

I'll close off this blog entry with one last photo of a Red-tailed Hawk I spotted near the parking lot.

1/1000 @ f/5.6, 400mm, ISO 320

Thanks for reading!

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